Aircraft & Accessories

Aircraft Type:
3-place, open-cockpit land biplane


Jacobs R755B2 Radial
Maximum Horsepower: 275HP @ 2200 RPM
Propeller: Fixed Pitch Sensenich, wood, 92 inches in diameter

Rugged 4130 Steel Fuselage Frame
Epoxy Coating Corrosion Proofing
Internal Steel Tube Corrosion Proofing
Forward Fuselage Aluminum Sidewalls
Front Cockpit Door
Baggage Compartment - Lockable
Empannage Wood Stringers
Tail Fins - Vertical Stabiliser, Horizontal Stabiliser
Balanced Rudder & Elevator Control Surfaces
Aluminum Ailerons (4)
Steerable Tail Wheel
Shock Spring Landing Gear
Cleveland Wheels & Brakes
Tires - Tube Type (Main 7.50x10, Tail 10x3.50)
Wheel Pants
Wings - Wood Spar/Rib Frame Structure
4130 Steel Interplane and Cabane Wing Struts
Flying & Landing Wires - Stainless Steel
Hand Formed Metal Fairings
One-Piece Rear Windshield Frame
Front Cockpit Windshield - Removable
Tie-Down Rings (4), Tow Lugs (2), Jack Points (2)
Steps - Cabin Entrance and Refueling
Adjustable Pilot Seat
Front 2-Place Bench Seat

Finish & Paint:
Dacron Fabric Covering, Rib Stitched and Taped
-- Multilayer Nitrate/Butyrate Dope Finish
IMRON 5000 Paint, 3-Colour WACO Paint Scheme
-- Base, Stripe & Accent Stripe Colours

Dual Flight Control System
-- Stick & Rudder Pedals - Rear & Front
Seat Belts with Shoulder Harness
Second Lap Belt - Rear
Fuel Valves - Left & Right
Elevator Trim System - Rear & Front Trim Wheels
Throttle/Mixture/Carb Heat Lever Quadrant - Rear
Throttle Lever Quadrant - Front
Hydraulic Toe-Operated Brakes

Additional Equipment:
Front Panel Glove Box - Lockable
Map Case - Rear
Pilot's Operating and Service Manuals
Cockpit Cover, Canvas

Power Plant & Accessories:
Jacobs R-755 B2, 7-Cylinder Radial Engine
-- 275 HP @ 2200 RPM
-- Remanufactured to New Tolerances
Propeller - Sensenich, Wood Fixed Pitch, 2 Blade
All Metal Bumped Cowling
Oil Tank - 4 US Gal.
Electric Starter
Oil Cooler
Induction Air Filter
Fuel Strainer With Quick Drain
Dual Magneto Ignition System
Key Operated Ingition Switch
Exhaust System, Ceramic Coated
Carburetor Heat
48 US Gal. Fuel Tanks - Upper Wing
Fuel Quantity Indicators

24 Volt Electric System
Batteries, 12 Volt Lead Acid (2)
Circuit Breakers - Instrument Panel Mounted
Navigation Lights
Strobe Lights
Instrument Post Lights
Landing & Taxi Lights
Pilot Utility Light - Rear
Cockpit Lighting Controls with Dimmers
Heated Pitot Tube

Instruments & Avionics - Rear Cockpit:
Tachometer, Recording
Cylinder Head Temperature Guage
Oil Pressure Guage
Oil Temperature Guage
Manifold Pressure Guage
Ammeter / Volt Meter
Airspeed Indicator
Altimeter, Sensitive
Turn & Bank Indicator
Vertical Speed Indicator
Digital Clock & Flight Timer
Intercom System, 3-Place, Voice Activated
Music Input Jack
King KX-155 NAV/COM Radio System
King KI-208 NAV Indicator

Optional Equipment: Exterior:
Landing & Taxi Light - Right Side (Left Standard)
Ground APU Service Plug
Tow Hook (For Towing Banners and Gliders)
Front Cockpit Vinyl Cover

Instruments & Controls:
Front Cockpit Brakes
Trim Position Indicator
Exhaust Gas Temperature Guage
Cylinder Head Temperature Guage

Deluxe Interior
-- Includes: Leather Seats, Leather Sidewalls,
-- Leather Trim, and Carpeting.
-- Customer has choice of colours.
Premium Grade Scottish Leather Upgrade
Front & Rear Heater

Optional Avionics Packages:
Front Instrument Panel:
FWD Option I Standard Plus: Airspeed & Altimeter
FWD Option II Option I Plus: Tachometer
FWD Option III Option II Plus: Manifold Pressure, Turn & Bank, and Vertical Speed

Rear Instrument Panel:

AFT Option II - IFR Standard Plus: Attitude and Directional Gyros
KMA 24 Audio Panel/Marker Beacon
KI 209 NAV/ILS Indicator(Replaces Std KI 208)
KT-76C Mode C Transponder
D120 Encoder

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